The Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea Powder

For centuries, the Japanese have drunk tea. Even today, it is an important part of their culture. However, they do not drink the kind of tea you see in most Western countries. Many Japanese people still like to use matcha green tea powder rather than tea leaves.

This is probably because Macca or matcha green tea is used in the famous Japanese tea ceremony. Until fairly recently this form of tea was rarely seen outside of Japan. However, that has changed and today, you can easily buy green tea powder.

This change has happened largely because people have realised that green tea matcha powder has many potential health benefits. It is particularly good for those who are trying to lose weight and get fitter.

What are the Health Benefits of Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder?

The health benefits of Japanese matcha green tea are mainly down to the fact that it contains such a high level of antioxidants. If you buy a good quality product and prepare it as instructed you get more antioxidants from this brew than you get from eating fresh blueberries, pomegranates, orange juice or spinach. For this reason, many nutritionists categorise this fine tea as a super food.

In fact, there is ten times more antioxidants in Matcha green tea powder than there is in blueberries.

Prepared in the correct way the tea is also very high in catechins and chlorophyll. Catechins are thought to be very important for long-term health.

This compound helps to stop plaques from building up in the body. For this reason, foods and beverages that contain high levels of catechins can protect people from stroke, diabetes, as well as some forms of cancer and from heart disease.

It is also important for skin health, and has anti aging properties. The fact that it lowers cholesterol and helps to balance out your blood sugar is the main reason it helps with heart disease and reducing the risk of diabetes.

This tea has high thiamine levels. Studies indicate that drinking this tea can help you to cope with stress. It appears to alter brain chemistry. For this reason, many people who suffer from anxiety disorders drink this tea.

It surprises people to find out that this tea is also a good source of fibre. However, when you consider that the powder is made by finely grinding special leaves from a certain part of the tea bush you should not be that surprised. Because the powder is suspended in the water, you are actually taking in quite a bit of plant matter, and therefore fibre, when you drink this tea.


How does Matcha Tea Powder Help With Weight Loss?

However, the long list of health benefits is not what has made matcha tea so popular in the west. These days the majority of people who drink maccha tea do so to help them to lose weight.

This lovely tea helps people on diets in several ways.

Low Calorie

The first thing to note is there are practically no calories in real matcha tea. It provides a healthy alternative to zero calorie soft drinks.

Appetite Suppressant

Many people find that drinking matcha tea helps to blunt their appetite. Drinking a cup of this beautiful drink is a good way of avoiding snacking between meals.

Energy Booster

A pleasant, but unexpected side effect of maccha is a boost in energy. There is caffeine in the tea, but not enough to create the burst of energy that many people report lasts for about three or four hours.

Exactly why people get more energy from this tea is not completely understood, but it does alter the way in which the body burns energy, so this is likely to be the underlying cause. For those trying to lose weight an extra burst of energy is a good thing. It allows them to be more active, take more exercise, and, therefore, burn more calories.

Burn More Calories

Several studies have shown those that incorporate good quality maccha into their diet routine lose weight faster. It speeds up the rate at which the body burns calories, but does so in a safe way.

How to Buy the Best Matcha Green Tea Powder

As we have already said, it is important to buy good quality matcha tea powder. If you buy the cheaper brands that have empty fillers added to them you will not be able to benefit fully from the tea’s fat burning and health properties.

You need to look out for organic versions, which will be pure. The best versions contain 100% tea. Generally speaking, the tea that is sold for the Japanese tea ceremony is good quality, especially koicha matcha powder.

Where to Buy the Best Matcha Green Tea

The best way to ensure that you are buying good quality matcha is to buy it from a trusted source. Always be suspicious of brands that are very cheap.

We have done some research and found a very good vendor who sells high-grade matcha green tea powder. This link will take you to their sales page.